Project Chair

With all the spilling and throwing that goes on with kids at the dinner table our chairs had gotten really dirty to a point where I would get embarrassed to put them out when guests came over. The solution? We could either spend money to get new chairs and have them ruined too before the kids were a little more mature or I could just change the cover on the current ones.


I went out and got a staple gun and some fabric but what about any new unforeseen mess. I know how tough it was to get things like maple syrup off from the earlier one. It would be really frustrating to go through the trouble of reupholstering and then find ourselves back at square one in a few days. So I got this thick plastic sheet for putting on top of the fabric which would make life so much easier for cleanup. And after a few days of trying to do a project while the kids sleep I was finally done. We had almost brand new chairs without breaking the bank.




Play-Doh Fun

When you have kids everyone knows you need to find different ways to keep them busy. So I got some play-doh and while the kid was busy playing with it I started having some fun of my own. At first I was just making some random stuff and soon realized I was getting better at it.

It was almost relaxing to challenge myself to keep doing more and more. And if I was having this much fun I could imagine why kids would love it so much. So I looked at my kid and saw the kid sitting on it and what not. Well as long as its fun for them and they enjoy themselves right!

And the finale… I wish I had got the kind of clay that you could bake and keep since the rose turned out quite good. Maybe some other day.


The Emirates Experience

Recently I was on a flight with Emirates and I must say they are the best airlines out there. The inflight service is very good and you really do get the feeling that they care for their passengers. I loved the meals that were brought to us. I mean it’s still going to be like airline food and you can’t except it to be just the same as what you would get in a restaurant but in comparison to other airlines it was full of flavor. The kids had their own separate kids meal without requesting for one. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of airlines out there that do a really good job but I had a flawless journey with Emirates.

Here’s a pic of how the ceilingĀ  of the plane looks when its dark. Gives you a feeling of flying with the stars..


The best part of the journey was the gifts for the kids! The green and red ones were bags with straps and the blue and red ones in the front were thermal pouches for lunch boxes and stuff.


Oh and each of these bags came with lots of goodies.

I am so in love with all of it. Well I am a kid at heart!


Tomatoes & Cucumbers & Mums Oh My!

In 2015 we learned a few lessons as to what is truly feasible to grow. With us having lesser time on our hands it was just not possible to take care of the vegetable patch as often. So we decided to grow the easiest of all ‘tomatoes and cucumbers’. This time we did not grow them from the seed stage though. And we got a lot of help from some Miracle Grow.


Tomatoes and cucumbers both need a lot of support. For tomatoes it is best to get the large metal wire cone thingy coz they will droop. Cucumber is basically a climber so you can tie it along the fence.


And here is a pic of the fully grown cucumbers below. They were Ginormous!


And finally the miracle of miracle grow with mums..



The love for Gardening

Ah when spring comes how I love the sight of nature. So green and so full of life… Every year we plant new seeds in our vegetable patch. The joy of watching that seed grow into a full size plant is really something. Here’s a pic of how we started off. This was in about 2011.


Making the wooden box keeps things contained and keeps the grass from encroaching. You don’t have to make a grid the way I did but I was able to segregate this way better. What helps is labeling coz once things start sprouting you wont be able to tell one from the other.

Hey I’m no expert in growing stuff but I just did a bit of a research before planting stuff. The thing is some plants go well together and some don’t. For example they say that growing basil next to a tomato plant adds to the sweetness of the tomatoes.


Oh to see the fruit of your labor!

Valentine’s Cards for School

Last year I had a huge surprise when I came to know that my kids class had to exchange about 30 Valentine’s day cards. Where was I supposed to get 30 cards for kids?? It was silly but I was new to it. Then on Amazon I found these really cute ones with owls & cars and what not.


So this year I found these really cool Paper Airplanes Valentine’s cards at Walmart. It came with four different designs and had instructions on the back of how to make the airplanes.


Delicious Rosemary Bread

So my family and I love going to Romano’s Macaroni Grill often and the bread that they serve is to die for. Most of the time we end up eating more of the bread than the main course. So I hunted down for a recipe that I could make at home. After many trials and errors I found one that was closest to the one you get in Romano’s. All you need is some olive oil with crushed pepper to go along with it and its just perfect! I will add a link to the recipe below if anyone would want to try it out.