Project Chair

With all the spilling and throwing that goes on with kids at the dinner table our chairs had gotten really dirty to a point where I would get embarrassed to put them out when guests came over. The solution? We could either spend money to get new chairs and have them ruined too before the kids were a little more mature or I could just change the cover on the current ones.


I went out and got a staple gun and some fabric but what about any new unforeseen mess. I know how tough it was to get things like maple syrup off from the earlier one. It would be really frustrating to go through the trouble of reupholstering and then find ourselves back at square one in a few days. So I got this thick plastic sheet for putting on top of the fabric which would make life so much easier for cleanup. And after a few days of trying to do a project while the kids sleep I was finally done. We had almost brand new chairs without breaking the bank.




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