The Emirates Experience

Recently I was on a flight with Emirates and I must say they are the best airlines out there. The inflight service is very good and you really do get the feeling that they care for their passengers. I loved the meals that were brought to us. I mean it’s still going to be like airline food and you can’t except it to be just the same as what you would get in a restaurant but in comparison to other airlines it was full of flavor. The kids had their own separate kids meal without requesting for one. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of airlines out there that do a really good job but I had a flawless journey with Emirates.

Here’s a pic of how the ceiling  of the plane looks when its dark. Gives you a feeling of flying with the stars..


The best part of the journey was the gifts for the kids! The green and red ones were bags with straps and the blue and red ones in the front were thermal pouches for lunch boxes and stuff.


Oh and each of these bags came with lots of goodies.

I am so in love with all of it. Well I am a kid at heart!



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