The love for Gardening

Ah when spring comes how I love the sight of nature. So green and so full of life… Every year we plant new seeds in our vegetable patch. The joy of watching that seed grow into a full size plant is really something. Here’s a pic of how we started off. This was in about 2011.


Making the wooden box keeps things contained and keeps the grass from encroaching. You don’t have to make a grid the way I did but I was able to segregate this way better. What helps is labeling coz once things start sprouting you wont be able to tell one from the other.

Hey I’m no expert in growing stuff but I just did a bit of a research before planting stuff. The thing is some plants go well together and some don’t. For example they say that growing basil next to a tomato plant adds to the sweetness of the tomatoes.


Oh to see the fruit of your labor!


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